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Improving operational efficiency through automated AI solutions


SUMO Analytics helps innovative manufacturers succeed in increasingly challenging global competition and the complicated management of factories, supply chain, warehousing and distribution. Automated AI solutions improve operational efficiency and establish leaner operations with immediate impact on the bottom line.

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Beverage factory adopting data science and AI solutions

Automation is the fundamental goal of every manufacturer, creating a lean organization that drives major productivity improvements, cuts costs, and enhances operational efficiency. Artificial intelligence is changing the way factories work and operate, by opening up enormous opportunities for automation which is completely transforming the way business is done.


Data-driven transformation can be hard to achieve, especially with the implementation of artificial intelligence. SUMO Analytics’ AI solutions help companies achieve operational breakthroughs with advanced machine learning technologies that are always on, constantly learning and improving, and establishing superior competitive advantage for manufacturers in an ever-challenging market.

Seal for Predictive Quality Management


By using data about materials, production level, and other external variables, the quality of produced goods can be predicted. SUMO Analytics’ sophisticated AI models predict what areas pose the highest risk, allowing quality management teams to focus on and prioritise inspection in those areas. This advanced technology detects warning signs much earlier, allowing manufacturers to step in before continuing with costly production or, even worse, shipping affected products out to clients.

AI Predictive Maintenance


One machine or equipment failure can stop the whole production line which leads to additional and unnecessary production cost. SUMO Analytics’ predictive models can identify potential equipment failures far before they actually happen. By using historical data this advanced technology quickly develops highly-accurate predictions that significantly improve all maintenance operations. Maintenance teams receive alerts of potential machine failures that allow them to prioritise maintenance work and prevent the equipment from breaking down and halting operations, reducing overall maintenance cost significantly.

AI-Driven Demad Forecasing


SUMO Analytics’ forecasting technology predicts future demand/sales far more accurately than any other forecast method. Accurate demand forecasts allow manufacturers to plan their operations efficiently by buying raw materials more accurately, plan production more effectively and eliminate waste. By applying SUMO Analytics AI driven forecasting methods, manufacturers have clarity about the future demand of every product and every client. This technology is transforming how manufacturers are planning their operations, significantly lowering costs, and making more agile and competitive companies.

Predictive Procurement driven by ML/AI


When having accurate demand forecasts, manufacturers can take advantage of SUMO Analytics’ advanced Predictive Procurement technology. Manufacturers need to have enough raw materials on hand in order to produce according to plan, but too much raw material accrues cost and late deliveries can have costly implications on the production schedule. By utilising information about suppliers, MOQ, safety stock, lead times, along with other variables, SUMO Analytics predicts the optimal raw material quantity and the optimal time to buy it. This fully automated AI platform helps companies optimise their supply chain with significant cost reduction and creates a more lean and streamlined organisation.



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